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My new diet plan

Okay so I'm freaking out here. Cuz I need to drop a few pounds fast... cuz I want to weigh at least 100 lbs in exactly one month. *sigh* so I decided that I'm going to abuse laxitives, and try not to eat anything... If I do... i'll throw it up, then take the laxitives.. cuz then it will get rid of anything that I didn't purge. Then exercise myself to death. Any tips from you guys I would love. And of course... If you guys would write me telling me I need to shrink my fat ass... and throw up all my food. If I havn't been sticking to my shit... harass the hell out of me! tell me... Barff it up baby. Thanks guys.
Oh and I gained a pound... How I don't know... But I'm back up to 114 lbs

Not me... but what I want to look like

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