neverb2thin (neverb2thin) wrote in 0_mia_only_0,

Name: veronica.
Age: twenty.
Sex: female.
Height: 5'4''
Cwt: 145
Hwt: 165
Lwt: 92
Stgwt: 125
Ltgwt: 90-95
Ed type: bulimia.
Diagnosed? Or self Diagnosed? diagnosed.
Pics: none
Other stuff:I just had my daughter 7 months ago, so i am trying to lose all the baby weight. I do alot of restricting, but when i get really hungry i eat, but not to the point where i am binging then purge. after that my stomach hurts so i dont feel like eating anymore for that day. I have had this ed for around 7 years now. i dont really excercise or anything, i should the weight might come off faster. well i am going on a fast starting tomorrow, so hopefully it helps. if anyone has any comments for me or wants to talk let me know!
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